Your Creative Self

When’s the last time you’ve given yourself space for creativity?
Not to pursue as a career or to make money, but to really allow that part of you to let loose and explore? At some point in becoming adults we learn or unlearn to stop nourishing our creative side, to be all work and now play, to be all about our business. Work can be very fulfilling but often times we ignore huge parts of ourselves.  When I was about to graduate from college I had a really important conversation with one of my mentors and I didn’t really think too much of it at the time. He asked me ‘once I started working and putting all my energy into teaching and into the students, what will be left for you, what will be there to replenish you?’ I didn’t think too much about it at the time and pretty much brushed it off.  As time went on I saw exactly what he meant.  I had focused all my energy and most of time on my career and was getting totally sucked into it, it was my identity and it was drowning me.

It took some time to really allow myself to search for what work wasn’t giving me. For the side of me that couldn’t be found in another person, the part of me that needed release. Around that time I started practicing yoga. (I’ll get into to the ins and outs of my yoga practice next time.)

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

With my yoga practice I’ve been able to reignite that side of myself. I have given myself that outlet, the freedom of movement to express myself and to release stress in that manner. To challenge myself and be creative with my body and mind. I’ve explored and examined parts of myself that I let lie dormant for awhile.  In the past fews years since I have shared that part of myself with people it has opened me up to even more of my creative self. I write more, I adult color lol, I sing more, I’m learning a new instrument and it’s fostered an environment where others feel comfortable and open to share and explore their creative side as well. It has allowed me to try new things, be braver, and more open than I was been before.

Whether through yoga and a glass of wine, dancing in the living room, playing the ukelele, sharing writing, sharing books, telling stories. The more of our creative self that we embrace and share with others,  the more they are prone to opening up and waking up that part of themselves as well. All of this allows people to really explore themselves and a part of our spirit that has been hidden away since we were children for a more “serious adult” attitude. It gives us permission to try new things just because you enjoy it, because it feeds your soul and makes you smile.

Boracay, Philippines

My mother cultivated this environment for me growing up and I feel like she passed whatever you want to call it, on to me. Where people feel a sense of safety and freedom to just be and live and enjoy. And isn’t this how we want our spirits to feel…at peace, at home, and nourished?  Exploring and cultivating the creative place in us allows that in a very harsh world.

If you know me,  I often point out things that make my soul and heart happy and the things that feed my soul and  are spirit crushing. I know it sounds silly, but pay attention to those feelings, the things that are allowing you to flourish and grow and the things that might be smothering you.

By all means don’t quit your day job, but don’t let it smother the parts of yourself that are begging to be set free. We get so wrapped up in being one thing- a successful business person, parent, teacher, doctor, student, etc. that we forget we are these multifaceted vibrant human beings!

Find it again, nourish all parts of yourself.


4 thoughts on “Your Creative Self

  1. This a truth we all wish we realised when we were younger, but really our awareness grows with maturity, and experience. Very well said 💕


  2. So very well written and said. I swear before you mentioned your mother I was thinking, “wow, this is Jeannie’s daughter for sure!” Continue to explore, learn new things, and be creative. We will be watching….and smiling. Namaste 🙏😘


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