Beautiful Days

One of the things I love most about living in Beijing is all of the different kind of people I have been able to meet. When I decided to move to Beijing I had no idea that I would come across so many interesting people and make such deep connections.  Yesterday I went to a bbq at my friend’s house in this little village outside of the city, we were all sitting around the table eating and drinking, talking, laughing, listening to music melting from the intense heat, but happy. Three Americans, a Brit, 3 Frenchmen, and a South African, that alone is something I was never exposed to living at home. Later we went to another bbq in the same little village just down the road with even more people from all over the world, Germans, Chinese, Italians, etc. there was even a giant pet pig! haha The diversity of the expat community is definitely a perk when it comes to living abroad.

So many people from so many different places, creative, passionate people doing what makes them happy for a living; musicians, art dealers, film artists, photographers,  everyone making their own way in the world. Brave enough to follow their dreams and go after what they want, it is so refreshing to see other people that took a non-traditional path.  There are so many different ways to live and ways to make a living. I feel like I get to soak up all this great energy and learn about so many different types of people and see how much people actually have in common. Despite being from different countries and backgrounds everyone is really open and friendly and genuine. There are few things i enjoy more than to listen to people discuss what they are passionate about. Its just beautiful.  I just feel lucky to be having this experience, for this to be my life.  The everyday things are so simple, but some days it really feels magical. IMG_5504


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Days

  1. you are living a life in your youth that I only hope to experience a portion of later in my life. I may use this as my script or itinerary once my people are grown and gone lol. How great for you! Thanks for sharing.


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