A New Balance

What moves you? Passion, love, money, work, family, friends, life…we are all driven by different forces, but love of some kind plays an important role in all of our lives whether we realize it or not. I’ve spent a majority of my adult life moving for love, figuratively and literally. From 18-29 I took love […]

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The present What’s the best present you can give someone? Diamonds, a new car, a handbag, money, food, etc?  Maybe any of those things, depending on what you value.  Although the most valuable present is something we all have, there are even famous songs written about it. It is an extremely precious and nonrenewable gift […]

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Your Creative Self

When’s the last time you’ve given yourself space for creativity? Not to pursue as a career or to make money, but to really allow that part of you to let loose and explore? At some point in becoming adults we learn or unlearn to stop nourishing our creative side, to be all work and now […]

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Who says romance is dead?

This past summer I went to Bali, Indonesia to celebrate my 30th birthday. I went to this stunningly beautiful country with 3 of my dear friends.  We stayed in Semanyak and Ubud and explored the beach, islands, the rice terraces, temples and more.  Two days before we left it was time to relax and pamper […]

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This is a topic that is very near to me, and I have also seen it written about a lot lately. Most of the time as if there is some magic healing potion. There’s not, because we are individuals and everyone heals differently and at their own pace. Some people don’t want to heal at […]

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Thinking about 30

To a lot of people turning 30 has marked a daunting period in life, real adulthood, you should be married, settled down, having kids, home, car, allllllll your shit together, etc. So many relationship expectations, but what kind of woman isn’t settled down at this point? I used to look at it the same way, […]

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On Leaving…

Why? So I’ve gotten this question more than any other question in the past year. “Why would you ever move to China”?  My answer, the short version, it was time for a change. But of course it was more than just letting the wind blow me where it saw fit. I’ll explain the full, much […]

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